1130 Artisian

FTE Inc has established its own industry-leading brand of cannabis products called 1130 Artisans. 1130 Artisans stands for the premise that a team of highly experienced artisans can take a commoditized product and turn it into a premium, hand-crafted luxury. By controlling the entire “seed to sale” process, 1130 Artisans ensures the highest quality available in the market today. 1130 Artisans develops artisanal products with the connoisseur in mind, including special editions and limited releases that are available only through our exclusive distribution partners.



Our most iconic strain, 1130 Artisans Reserve OG, comes from cross-breeding SFV OG and Cali Wifi OG. With an even balance of indica and sativa, you will be left with body sedation and a strong head change. Skillfully handcrafted, 1130 Artisans Reserve OG is incomparable, and its earthy aroma and chocolatey taste is best enjoyed when needing rest and rejuvenation.



Strain: SFV OG x Cali Wifi OG
Effects: Strong head change, body sedation, great for arthritis. Stomach stabilization (Great for nausea, abdominal pain, Crohn’s disease), increase appetite.
Euphoria: great for depression and anxiety (increase sense of well being) light home activities. 
Smell: Gas, Pine, Cedar, Earth tones
Taste: chocolate cedar with a hint of pine
Look/Color: Very light lime green leaves, rich amber hairs and blanketed with white crystals
Ratio: 50% indica, 50% sativa